JCDecaux to tap into the roadside digital market


JCDecaux, is looking to tap into Tanzania’s advertising industry through digital out-of-home media.

The firm is among the top  worldwide in outdoor advertising that reaches more than 410 million people on the planet every day.

In a statement, JCDecaux unpacked how the outdoor media industry is rapidly evolving in key geographies around the world and presented customs advertising solutions for local marketing leaders. The outdoor leader introduced digital screens in Tanzania in 2015, changing the urban landscape of Dar es Salaam and enhancing value to advertisers and consumers with a digital network of 13 high quality digital screens.

The JCDecaux roadside digital offering is the out-of-home media’s solution to more agile demands of today’s marketers, offering various bespoke audience solutions enhanced with day-part and dynamic triggered activity to deliver contextual communication to customers.

The digital screens have also been an essential part of beautifying cities and aim to reduce advertising clutter in high density centres. The roadside digital screens have attracted new advertisers to the outdoor medium and brought messaging flexibility and increased visibility to products and brands, achieving cut through in a cluttered traditional out-of-home market. This impactful format increases advertiser awareness, engaging with customers and translates to higher return on investment.

During the briefing, Jacqueline McCormick, Regional Director Eastern Africa highlighted the benefits of reduced advertising clutter for brands, consumers and city authorities. “Marketing communication is rapidly embracing digital technology as consumers adopt mobile telephony and smart devices. As a leading media company, we are transforming the out-of-home landscape to ensure that our clients remain relevant in the customer purchase journey. Our digital screens place brands at the centre of the product consideration set”, she explained.

JCDecaux, Sales Manager in Tanzania, Janine Deetlefs added that their digital screens are quiet safe to drivers as they reduce brightness by 5% between 6pm and 6am. The illumination has also increased visibility and safety for pedestrians in the vicinity of the screens. “Road safety for drivers is extremely important to us and this is why we enhanced these features in our screens”, Janine said.

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