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African Startup League

Africa Startup League started as a collaboration between Humanity Node Protocol and The Exchange news service and has become a business partnership between Web3Africa, Heart Lotto, Adanian Labs, Global Startup League and Humanity Equity holders. African Startup League is a unique startup studio platform where we connect entrepreneurs with strategists, creatives, engineers, community and capital  to design, build and launch exponential organizations focused on improving the life of humans.

Purpose — To gather and distribute resources for the building and acceleration of the next ten thousand great blockchain based, humanity focused companies.

this startup pays young people in africa to learn to code and connects them with fortune 500 companies

Build Wealth from Your Ideas or Other Members Ideas

Solutions to the 8 UN Sustainable Development Goals on which Humanity Node Protocol are based are trillion dollar opportunities. For example, SDG number 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy  — Elon Musk has taken a passion for clean energy and turned Tesla into a one trillion dollar company and Elon Musk has become the world’s richest man at $278 Billion. You don’t have to be Elon Musk or have his genius,  if you find the next Elon Musk and he or she joins your Project you have just hit the lottery.

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The Start-up Studio and Humanity NFTs 

Within the Africa Startup League Humanity Node Protocol’s, Humanity NFTs, also function as the nodes for a decentralized startup studio that focuses on building companies providing solutions for the first 8 UN Sustainability Goals.

  • Definition of “Startup Studio” A startup studio is a structure whose aim is to repeatedly build companies. Thanks to its infrastructure and resources, startup studios increase a startup’s chance of success and optimize its creation and growth.
  • Our Startup Studio is decentralized because each of the 300,000 Humanity NFTs serve as resources for the Startup Studio independently and without any centralized control. Yet while independent they will coordinate, organize, de-organize and reorganize based on what is in the best interest of the project being built at that moment. There is no centralized gatekeeper to block any project but instead 300,000 doors to enter.

Africa Startup League and Humanity NFTs connect community members, experts, investors and start-ups in an attempt to rapidly and solidly build companies that matter and should exist because they improve the world for all humans.

Africa Startup League(ASL) is the first project of Humanity Nodes Protocol and is the world’s first decentralized community powered company builder for startups that want to improve humanity.  ASL solves many problems of entrepreneurs and investors. It will open new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation between all members of the community. This decentralized platform is built on Binance smart chain using smart contracts guarantees adequate compensation for all participants of the system.  One major goal of ASL is to create an expert network that will help the Humanity NFTs release humanity focused commercially successful projects.

Though quality investments are by no means proprietary, Africa Startup League pipelines provide unparalleled risk mitigation. Through multiple touch points from idea inception onward, we don’t just know our portfolio companies, we track them through their genesis. Investment opportunities are made available to all Humanity NFTs at every stage of the development process, from Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to seed rounds and beyond. Humanity NFTs will receive equity and tokens for companies they co-build.

How does Africa Startup League work and Roles

Each August 10,000 teams will be allowed to register for that year’s startup competition.  The top 100 projects will win cash prizes (investments) with the minimum cash prize being $10,000.  The top cash prize will be a minimum $1,000,000 investment.  The rules of African Startup League will be published in The Exchange on or before November 1st 2022.  The competition will run from December 2022 until May 2023 with the winners being chosen and announced no later than June 15th of each year. 

League Founders

Function – Provide stability to the foundation of the competition
Qualification – Lock liquidity in HMN.EQ pool until end of first season
Rewards – Pro rata share of liquidity pool generates pro rata shares in Founder’s rewards (Tokens and Equity in 100 winning companies) every year.
This Founders will be issued a ASL FOUNDER NFT at the end of season one that represents the perpetual right to Founder’s rewards.

League Season Sponsors

Function – Provide Liquidity and stability to the foundation of the competition during a specific season
Qualification – Lock liquidity in HNFT.EQ pool until the end of the season
Rewards – Pro rata share of liquidity pool generates pro rata shares in Sponsor’s rewards (Tokens and Equity in 100 winning companies) of that season

League Team Owners

Function – Found, develop, mentor and lead projects
Qualification – Must own 1,000 NFTP tokens(Team Tokens) and stake them for duration of competition and must be a Humanity NFT owner or sponsored by a Humanity NFT owner
Rewards – Startup Investment – Ecosystem Resources – In competition opportunities (M & A and other monetization strategies) – Team Owner Rewards for finishing in Top 100 during a season
Right to distribute end of competition Team Rewards

Team Coaches

Function – Recruit team players and manage project team – maximum number of players per team 2,592
Qualifications – Must be a Humanity NFT owner
Rewards – Management share of Team Rewards

Team Players

Function — Support projects by using their Personal Natural Resources (PNR)
Qualifications — Must be a Humanity NFT owner or HNFT.EQ Staker(to the Humanity NFT that sponsored the team) and pledge at least 20 hours to your chosen team
Rewards — Player share of Team Owners Reward – see above

Team Fans

Function — Support and assist team during competition – use PNR to help team
Qualifications — Must be Web3Africa registered
Rewards — Fans share of Team Owners Reward – see above

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