Wednesday, March 29

Economic Growth

  • Uganda signed a deal with China under which the China National Nuclear Corporation(CNNC) would assist its endeavours to tap into one of the few Nuclear energy sources in Africa.
  • The first nuclear project, Buyende Nuclear Power Plant, will be located in Buyende, approximately 150 km(93 miles) north of Kampala.
  • Uganda has an estimated 52000 square kilometres of uranium deposits around Buganda, Toro, Ankle and Bunyoro.

Africa takes the next step in its evolution as Uganda announced its plans to generate at least 1000 MegaWatts(MW) from its nuclear power plant by 2031. This lines up with its efforts to identify alternative energy solutions that guarantee faster and more efficient electricity production. Uganda will become one of the few countries to produce nuclear energy in Africa, further boosting its economic growth exponentially.

Uganda first discovered its uranium deposits in 2004, and since then, nuclear power became a valid option for the country.

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From Left to Right: Cabinet Secretary - National Treasury and Economic Planning - Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u and Commissioner of Insurance and Chief Executive Officer (IRA) Godfrey Kiptum share a light moment during a courtesy call to the CS at his offices at the National Treasury buildings on 6th February 2023.
  • Insurance industry paid claims worth $400Mn in three months from October 2022 to December 2022 representing a 3percent increase compared to the third Quarter of 2022 that paid claims worth $391Mn. 
  • Latest statistics from the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) indicate that the number of claims reported to the insurers were 2,040,600, a 12.6 percent increase compared to 1,811,141 claims reported in Q3,2022. 
  • General liability claims paid went up by 16.8 percent to 14,085 claims worth $42Mn from 12,055 claims paid worth $40Mn billion in the previous quarter. Non – Liability claims paid hit 1,714,723 claims worth $170Mn  representing a  1.8 percent from 1,684,698 claims worth $160.31Mn reported in Q3 2022. 

Insurance industry paid claims worth $400Mn in three months from October 2022 to December 2022 representing a 3 percent increase compared to the third Quarter of 2022 that paid claims worth $391Mn. 

According to the Quarter 4 of 2022 claims

  • At the beginning of February, Nigerians started complaining that commercial banks could not supply individuals with Nigeria’s physical fiat currency.
  • The currency situation in Nigeria escalated to an all out crisis this week when an impending deadline for the ban of the use of old notes.
  • The Supreme Court on Wednesday, suspended the deadline to ease the tension that has been building up exacerbated by heated campaigns and a looming fuel crisis. 

In the middle of intense campaigns that will see three main presidential candidates battle it out in Nigeria’s 2023 election, the country is experiencing a shortage of the new Naira notes that threatens to take centre-stage before the West African nation goes to the polls from 25 February.

All Progress Party (APC) candidate Bola Tinibu, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar and outsider Peter Obi of Labour Party are considered the front runners to take over from outgoing

Kenya will import 400 Megawatts of power annually from Ethiopia.
  • The hydropower project is worth an estimated US$1.3 billion that will see Ethiopia import 400 Megawatts of power annually.
  • The World Bank approved US$684 million for the power line in 2012- Kenya got US$441 million of the share, and Ethiopia got US$243 million- raising eyebrows why the project has not been completed ten years later.
  • The project started in 2012, but Ethiopia has blamed Kenya for the delays even after several lenders allocated funds for the project.

Kenya Ethiopia Electricity Trade

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration has reached a new agreement with Ethiopia to gear up further the purchase of cheap hydropower from Addis Ababa.

The two countries agreed with an Ethiopian delegation, led by Ethiopia’s Minister for Finance, Eyob Tekalign, visiting Nairobi from February 2nd to 4th this year.

The new arrangement was revised on previously signed power trade agreements. The two countries finalised the operational guidelines and procedures and

Boost Africa is a joint initiative with the African Development Bank (AfDB), with financial support from the European Commission and the Organisation of African, the Caribbean and the Pacific States Secretariat (OACPS) under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF).

The EUR 12.5 million – $14.2 million – financing for Atlantica will support EUR 50 million of new investment in innovative technology startup companies across the continent and expand specialist venture capital financing for promising entrepreneurs.

The new EUR 10 million – $11.3 million – EIB commitment to Janngo, will increase investment in early-stage tech and tech-driven startups to improve access to healthcare, education and financial services across Africa and allow African tech companies to create jobs for young people and women.…

Putin and el-Sisi at Al-Qubba Palace in Tahrir Square, Cairo.

In practical reality, it aims at creating a continental market for goods and services, with free movement of businesspeople and investments in Africa.

Several reports indicate that the summit strives to bring Africa and Europe closer together through strengthening economic cooperation and promoting sustainable development, with both continents co-existing in peace, security, democracy, prosperity, solidarity and human dignity.

It is against this backdrop that the two partners are determined to work together on a strategic, long-term footing to develop a shared vision for EU-Africa relations in a globalized world.…

Fitch warns that rising government debt levels and international interest rates heighten the risk of credit rating downgrades in at least 10 African countries, Kenya included.

Fitch has added that the impossibility to borrow on international capital markets has triggered further downgrades in the credit ratings of the Sub-Saharan countries.

Angola and Gabon have witnessed their credit ratings upgraded in recent months. The upward trend refers to the surge in oil prices globally, which has boosted the finances of the two countries.

Several countries projects to experience rapid economic growth as the tourism industry recovers from the pressure exerted by the COVID-19 pandemic and more mineral sources continue to be discovered in the continent.…

However, all efforts have been directed in that sector to try and make it greener and cleaner. Among consumers, a major shift is now being witnessed with most of the industries investing in clean energy sources that are both affordable and sustainable.

Such initiatives have made Kenya be rated among the top countries that are implementing their nationally determined contributions that seek to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the country by 32 per cent by 2030.

The latest industry to have made noted efforts to transit to clean Energy is Bamburi Cement Factory situated in Bamburi Mombasa.…

Zimbabwe is cracking down on individuals it terms illegal forex traders.

If you received your salary on the 1st of January in ZWL, you would struggle to pay for goods and services in February. This volatile situation results in consumers seeing value eroded from their bank balances at an astonishing rate.

We see wages struggle to keep up with inflation, a phenomenon similar to 2008. Most people buy USD from the black market to retain some semblance of value in these balances.

Zimbabwe has a currency crisis, and the Authorities seem to be struggling to deal with it. The rate at which the Zimbabwe dollar is depreciating signifies the state of the economy. Much of this is being blamed on the countries foreign currency auction system.…