Tanzania bidding for SGR trains


Phase one of Tanzania’s Stand Gauge Railway (SGR) that extends from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro is almost complete.

The railway which covers over 300 kilometres is almost complete and the country is now getting ready to buy the trains that will run on the track.

Even though its first phase is not entirely complete due to the ongoing heavy rains that have stalled construction work, the country is ready to move on and buy and test the trains.

Unofficial reports say the government of Tanzania has started bidding for trains and is actually in the process of finalising procurement of at least two locomotives already. That’s not all, the required trains should have at least eight compartments for passengers and same number of wagons for cargo transportation.

Already the testing of trains has started, a senior official of the Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC) intimated. It is expected that the engines expected to run these trains will begin testing anytime soon.

At the moment, already the TRC is in the process of procuring trains for the preliminary testing runs. As to the exact testing period, no details have been revealed but it is expected to take place in the course of the next few months.

It has also not been revealed as to where the engines are been procured from nor has the authority released afifures on the expected budget for this project.

Local media has interviewed the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications, Dr Leonard Chamuriho, who was recently quoted saying “…the actual construction of the first phase of the SGR which covers Dar es Salaam and Morogoro has reached 77 percent and will be completed this year.”

“We expect the construction work from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro to be completed anytime from June, but we project the work will be fully completed by the end of this year” he added.

With such high expectations for the completion date, it is only good business practice to anticipate the need for the trains is now. However, as a government agency, TRC is expected to carry out the process under great scrutiny using the country’s public procurement stipulations as required by the law.

Companies that get this tender to supply trains, that is, train engines, compartments and wagons are expected to earn a pretty sum. Hence observing the country’s law is vital especially considering Tanzania’s very negative history of corruption.

The first phase of the SGR network has six main stations at Dar es Salaam, Pugu, Soga, Ruvu, Ngerengere and Morogoro. These stations are already in place and are expected to be very busy as soon as the trains start to run,

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