ABSA, PwC, Azam to support Consumer Choice Awards Africa


With support from the government and ABSA Bank, PwC, Azam Media and Koncept Online TV, the Lavine International Agency, organizers of the Consumer Choice Awards Africa (CCAA) said that this year’s event recognizes, enhances and promotes business excellence through consumers’ choice across the continent.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam over the weekend at a press conference to announce the sponsors for this year’s event, the Lavine International Agency Chief Executive Officer Diana Laizer said: “We thank the support from our stakeholders and sponsors for their pledges to ensure that this year’s event goes across the continent with flying colours.”

“The Consumer Choice Awards Africa (CCAA) was originated from Tanzania Consumer Choice Awards (TCCA) which was founded in 2019 under the organization of Lavine International Agency Limited; is a business awarding event that recognizes, enhances and promotes business excellence through consumer’s choice,” she said.

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Laizer adds that her firm is now looking forward to expanding its influence to the African continent by bringing all nationalities in one platform through the online voting system which has been made effective by the digital advancement converting the whole world into a village.

“With the support from our government through TANTRADE and all of our sponsors, the Lavine International Agency will achieve its goal of promoting competition among companies and businesses across the African Continent,” she said.

Laizer said that this year’s awards will be special because they will start to inspire consumers and companies across the African continent.

“We are currently in the process of announcing the names of the companies that will compete in this year’s awards so that all citizens from the African continent can start voting,” she said.

She noted: “The process of announcing the companies for the consumers to start voting will take place through social media and the media partners including Azam who are the major sponsors on the media category as well as TVE, E-FM Radio, Concept Online TV, and East Africa. Herald,” she said.

Speaking at the sideline of the press conference, Azam Media Marketing Manager Glory Chuwa said: “Azam Media thanks the organizers of Consumer Choice Awards Africa for making decisions to promote businesses by involving customers in voting for the best companies.”

She emphasized, “For being the media major sponsor, Azam will provide the support to the event by broadcasting live all of the CCAA’s events through our UTV channel.”

On his part, Krantz Mwantepele, the CEO of Koncept said: “Our organization will manage and ensure that information about Consumer Choice Awards Africa reaches all Tanzanians and across the continent.”

Azam Media Marketing Manager Glory Chuwa. She says Azam will broadcast live all of the CCAA’s events through UTV channel. [Photo/Courtesy]

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“We, as Koncept have a large network that connects all journalists across Africa and we believe that the information concerning the event will reach all Africans and they will be fully involving in voting for the best companies,” Mwantepele remarked.

He added: “We also believe that in order for the companies to improve services and products, the voices of consumers must be observed. Therefore, the CCAA is an ideal platform that will connect the voices of all customers across the continent.”

Benjamin Mkwizu – PwC Associate Director said in a statement, “PwC is happy to be associated with this prestigious award because it is a platform that recognizes the best in our markets.”

Mkwizu added: “Consumer Choice Awards promotes excellence is the delivery of goods and services as well as positive social impact in our diverse communities. These attributes form part of our core values at PwC.”

“As one of the sponsors of Consumer Choice Awards this year, we will be responsible for the review of the technology platform used to collect, store and tally participants votes. The objective of this review is to provide independent verification of the voting system and confirm that the voting platform has been designed to meet the requirements of the awards,” he concludes.

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