How Zimbwabwe’s investment rose to the occasion in the wake of Covid-19

  • Zimbabwe used the Covid-19 opportunity to re-engineer its investment to rise to the occasion.
  • The country was able to utilise its local abilities and opportunities.
  • Zimbabwe’s local industrial sector also witnessed a renewed investment and growth.

Africa suffered major economic impacts as a result of Covid-19. Or is it? Well, most of these impacts are largely a consequence of the preventive measures adopted by the respective African governments to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

Key measures adopted by most countries to curtail the spread include the closing of their frontiers and partial or complete lockdowns of economies which among other things, have seen the temporary closure of businesses, schools and social services.

First, being the last region to register COVID-19 cases, Africa was already experiencing the consequences mainly through its trade links with the European union (EU), United States of America (USA) and China, resulting in
dwindling markets for African exports.

However, Covid-19 presented an opportunity for some African countries to redesign their economy and reap big.

Whilst Covid-19 significant created setbacks for African economies mainly in terms of lost productivity and trade both within and among countries, Zimbabwe used the opportunity to re-engineer its investment to rise to the occasion.

Zimbabwe Health sector

According to Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Dr Constantino D.N.G. Chiwenga, the country was able to utilise its local abilities and opportunities.

Speaking during the 6th Global Business Forum (GBF) Africa 2021 in Dubai that ended on Thursday October 14, 2021, Dr. Chiwenga noted that Zimbabwe found herself producing PPEs, sanitizers and medicines.

Chiwenga who spoke in an exclusive interview with Sangu Delle, the CEO of Ghana’s Africa Health Holdings said that Zimbabwe progressed to a point where of producing medical oxygen for her own hospitals.

Zimbabwe’s local industrial sector

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Zimbabwe’s local industrial sector also witnessed a renewed investment and growth.

Dr. Chiwenga noted that the movement of goods and services became slow, prompting the country to venture into local products.

He noted that people started using local products within no time, since they became available to almost everyone in the country.

“All shop shelves are now full of local products. The pandemic was an opportunity for us to explore how we can utilise our capacities,” said Chiwenga.

Agriculture sector

According to the Zimbabwean Vice President, the country’s agriculture is another sector that has witnessed growth in the wake of Covid-19.

“Zimbabwe is endowed with natural resources, good climate, fertile soil, and is centrally positioned within southern Africa, which facilitates interconnection with all countries. “There is no crop you cannot grow in Zimbabwe. We have done our research and found that every crop out there can be grown in Zimbabwe,” said Dr. Chiwenga.

He noted that Zimbabwe has used irrigation to guarantee productivity of its crops.

The country has the Zambezi River flowing through her. This is the fourth-longest river in Africa. Zimbabwe also has 10,700 dams, making it the most dammed country on the African continent.

Dr. Chiwenga further noted that Zimbabwe will eventually be producing an excess of two million tons of grain.

The country is also working towards revamping her horticulture sector, as well as to boost her livestock production.


Zimbabwe is a country rich with 62 different minerals, including gold, platinum, nickel, lithium, coal, as well as an array of 17 rare metals, which provides another investment opportunity.

The 6th Global Business Forum (GBF) Africa 2021 is a two-day event that was held in Dubai on 13th October and 14the October 2021.

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The event was organised by Dubai Chamber under the theme Transformation Through Trade and was held at the Dubai Exhibition Centre.

Taking place at Expo 2020 Dubai, the high-level event was held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai.

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