Worldwide SHEroes: An organization’s quest to empower women globally


Sahera Sumar is the epitome of what a global citizen represents. Having travelled to over 25 countries and delivered programs to diverse industries, sectors and cultures, Sumar has become a beacon of strength, knowledge and hope for women all over the world.

Equipped with her passion for capacity building and her expertise in leadership, talent and organisational development, Sumar is set to embark on her next big project.

The project; Worldwide SHEroes, will see successful global leaders engage, empower, enable and mentor women leaders; sculpting them into women who are admired or idealised for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Worldwide SHEroes will provide women around the world with a global network of mentors and leaders who will share their collective wisdom. The goal of the platform is to accelerate the journey of women into positions of leadership and influence while at the same time improving their economic equity and strengthening their self-reliance.



The entire platform is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals Quality Education (4), Gender Quality (5), Decent Work & Economic Growth (8), Reduced Inequalities (10) and Partnerships (17); and underpinned by its values:

W – we all rise together
O – open and inclusive
M – mentors leaving a legacy
A – authentic & purposeful
N – network of global sisters

As a social enterprise, placing purpose before profit, Worldwide SHEroes aims to engage and inspire a number of corporate, commercial, organisational and governmental entities to partner with and to provide opportunities for women around the world to access the platform via sponsorship. Sumar’s interest lies in securing partners who are committed to diversity and inclusion; to accelerating women of diversity to leadership, to elevating women in the workplace; and to giving back to women from new economies.

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If ever there was an opportunity for businesses to establish and/or fulfil their corporate social responsibility commitments (CSR), then this it. Participating as a partner will see the strengthening of female talent leadership pipelines and will contribute to the social impact of under-served women.

Mentorship opportunities will be provided in a number of sectors and industries, including STEM and ICT, health and pharmaceutical, education, arts and culture, finance, community, and business and entrepreneurship.

The platform will be lead by Sumar and her diverse and experienced advisory team consisting of experts from fields such as digital innovation, clean energy, human health, corporate social responsibility and more.

In support and celebration of International Women’s Day and this year’s theme of #ChooseToChallenge, Worldwide SHEroes will officially launch to the nation and to the world in March 2021; spearheading a movement that will see women connect with women across the globe; uniting to celebrate women’s achievements and taking action for equality.

SHEROES have overcome challenges, gained wisdom and experience and embrace
“Ubantu” – “I am because you are”.

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About Sahera Sumar
Charged with her mission of creating leaders for a better world, Sahera is a Global Leadership consultant who specialises in the design and delivery of leadership and OD culture programs. She is the Founder of Arete: Full Potential and Worldwide SHEroes; and serves as Director of the Executive Committee for the United Nations Association of Australia NSW.

Sahera has a Masters in Organisational and Coaching Psychology and her extensive expertise and experience in leadership, talent and organisational development has seen her travel the world and work with diverse industries, cultures, and sectors in both corporate and community settings. Sahera continues to explore the humanistic approach to leadership, neuroleadership and positive psychology.

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