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The Exchange is the only African news outlet speaking directly to the world on what truly matters in Africa, purely from an African perspective. To enlighten and demystify the investment climate, readers will attain knowledge from the ground, non-biased and honest reporting. The Exchange provides the necessary investment news that enables people to make informed decisions with respect to doing business on the continent.

The Exchange Africa is the foremost publication aimed at providing insight on Africa. Our international audience values diverse thinking and content from across Africa. With superb reporting from all corners of Africa, The Exchange is the gold standard of business news reporting from the continent.

The Exchange is the pinnacle business publication in Africa enabling readers to connect the dots and understand the nuances of doing business in an unknown continent. The publication provides engaging features, news and special reports to enable readers to analyze African economic problems with an objective lens.

If you want to have a better understanding of how business works in Africa, what to do, where to invest in, getting a feel for emerging markets and how to invest, The Exchange Africa is your best asset. When it comes to news about the economy, investing and other financial related topics related to Africa, The Exchange stands in a league of their own as a top destination for African news.

The Exchange Africa is a must-read publication for anyone actively looking at investing in Africa, or understanding how to do business in Africa. For those wanting to gain better insight of the economy, business and the forces that influence mining, oil & gas development, African equities, including the tourism economy, The Exchange Africa is the best solution to improve knowledge on the world’s most dynamic continent. We enrich investment professionals and readers with most updated news impacting their investments on the continent.

The Exchange Africa is a news publication by Mediapix Limited. The Exchange provides economic news and analysis on doing business in Africa. Through a purely African lens, we provide features in banking, capital markets, energy, mining, manufacturing and industrial development, Innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. We speak one voice which is Africa‘s voice, through quality African Journalism.

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