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  • Zimbabwe used the Covid-19 opportunity to re-engineer its investment to rise to the occasion.
  • The country was able to utilise its local abilities and opportunities.
  • Zimbabwe’s local industrial sector also witnessed a renewed investment and growth.

Africa suffered major economic impacts as a result of Covid-19. Or is it? Well, most of these impacts are largely a consequence of the preventive measures adopted by the respective African governments to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

Key measures adopted by most countries to curtail the spread include the closing of their frontiers and partial or complete lockdowns of economies which among other things, have seen the temporary closure of businesses, schools and social services.

First, being the last region to register COVID-19 cases, Africa was already experiencing the consequences mainly through its trade links with the European union (EU), United States of America (USA) and China, resulting in
dwindling markets for African …