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An internet node. China’s internet and social media censorship are coming to Africa as dictatorship on the continent once again seems to be rearing its head again.

The elections, held in Algiers at a forum that brought together African ICT Ministers and the entire membership of the Union also saw Algeria take over chairmanship of the Conference of Plenipotentiaries (CPL) – the Union’s top organ comprising African ICT Ministers.  

In his acceptance speech, Omo pledged to sustain the focus of the Union’s “energies and resources to enable Africa stamp a strong footprint and authority on the global economy especially for areas that ICT can make impact in.  He thanked the Conference for the endorsement and expressed his commitment to the values of inclusivity, accountability, service and cooperation in the management of the Union and implementation of his agenda.   

OMO’s first term saw the Union engage robustly in global ICT forums and also grow its membership to 49 African countries and 56 associate members. He also, among other accomplishments, oversaw the re-planning of FM broadcasting frequencies in Africa which has generated over 2500 channels for the continent; and the   launch of a Strategy Framework for Africa on the Migration from Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) to 6 (IPv6) which handles data sent over computer networks more efficiently, improves internet performance and increases internet security.