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Companies delisting from ZSE to list on VFEX.
  • The recent announcement of migration of African Sun Limited to the VFEX highlights the growing trend of local businesses shifting away from the ZSE and towards the more favourable investment environment provided by the VFEX.
  • With its flexible exchange rate controls, lower trading fees, and ability to raise capital in hard currency, the VFEX offers a unique opportunity for businesses to enhance their marketability and market capitalisation.
  • As more companies make the switch, the VFEX is likely to become the preferred choice for local businesses looking to raise capital and grow their operations.

Hospitality Group, African Sun Limited, has recently made the decision to migrate to the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX), following a number of local business entities who have also made the switch from the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE). This move has sparked discussions regarding the reasons behind the shift and the benefits of listing on the VFEX.…