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President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Tanzanian counterpart John Pombe Maghufuli (R). The two will on Saturday, December 1, launch the OSBP marking a huge milestone in trade facilitation across the East African Community (EAC).

African countries should support each other if they are to bounce back fast after the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic which has paralysed the global economy.

The continent has immense wealth in resources including labour thus it can easily achieve economic freedoms without having to rely on aid.

With technology, Africa can also easily jumpstart its economy since the tried and tested methods which can support industries and agriculture among other sectors are easily available. Home-grown solutions for local problems are also easily accessible.

With the launch of the operationalisation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) likely to be pushed from the July 1 date, the continent will have to wait longer to see the impact of opened borders and the free movement of goods between countries.

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Africa produces 70 per cent of the world’s Cobalt. Value addition could make it better for countries engaged in the minerals economies.

The African economies are not diverse enough to help them navigate tough times like the one posed by the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

This means that when the sectors that are popular in these economies are hit, the countries suffer immensely and take longer to recover. This is no different now and with projections that the economies will slow to about 2 per cent growth continent-wide.

Despite Africa’s immense wealth of natural resources and human capital, limitations still remain since the countries have no capacity to add value to these resources. For instance, Africa should be producing steel but it does not since it has to export the raw materials to be processed elsewhere denying the continent the much-needed revenues.

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A graphic showing the different countries and their status in regard to the AfCFTA. Gambia has become the 22nd nation to approve the AfCFTA giving the AU the minimum threshold for the agreement to come into force.

With the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic slowing down the global economy’s growth, Africa could just be in time for a revolution that could help it recover faster than the rest of the world.

For starters, the continent is advantaged by having fewer infections which could make it possible for Africa to successfully curtail the spread of the coronavirus if strict measures are taken. While this move may not be uniformly undertaken continent-wide, the ravages of the Ebola virus have prepared many to deal with the pandemic. ( From years of suffering from viral infections, the continent is well placed to stop the virus in its tracks.

But this comes at a cost since governments should be willing to spend on their people to ensure that the majority who live on daily casual wages are provided for to help them stay in during lockdowns.

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