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The education sector in Somalia is still struggling, World Bank has said.

Improving education outcomes of the younger generation is key for enhancing productivity, sustaining economic recovery, boosting inclusive growth and promoting poverty reduction in Somalia, the 4th edition of the World Bank’s Somalia Economic Update (SEU) has said.

According to a report from Global Partnership for Education, progress in restoring the delivery of educational services has differed across regions.

The report also noted that In Somaliland and Puntland where there was greater political stability, security, and administrative development; student enrolments have improved substantially over the past two decades.

“Post-war educational reconstruction has been slow in South Central Somalia and opportunities for public education are limited as most of primary and secondary schools are managed by non-state providers,” it added.

The World Bank’s update titled Building Education to Boost Human Capital, the report notes that an estimated three million Somali …