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Kenya to host this year's AHIF

The Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) slated for the 23rd to the 25th of September this year at the Sheraton Addis, Ethiopia, is expected to generate billions for Africa.

AHIF’s first conference was held in Casablanca in 2011. The event has since made a total impact on the local host economies of $21.24 million of which $8.64 million is direct and $12.6 is indirect.  In doing so, it has helped to create or sustain over 6,000 jobs and generate $1.4m in tax to the governments of the host countries.

An independent assessment by the international tourism advisory expert, Martin Jansen van Vuuren, a partner at Futureneer Advisors, has quantified the significant economic benefits to host countries of the influential Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF).

He reveals that when AHIF returns to Addis Ababa at the end of September, it could bring over one and a half million dollars …