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In the wake of circulating rumours that the European Union (EU) has resolved to withhold 626 million Euros in grant money, Tanzania has gone on the defense and denounced the rumours as false, unfounded and misleading. 

Tanzania’s Ambassador to Belgium, Jestus Nyamanga took to social media to deliver a video response to the ‘unfounded allegations,’ which he described as bias, malicious and meant to stir confusion among the public. 

“There are no talks to impose any sanctions on Tanzania…” he said, and  added allegations purported that the EU Parliamentary Committee session held on November 20 in Brussels had resolved to withhold grant money to Tanzania and was deliberating economic sanctions on the country. 

“This is not true,” the Ambassador asserted, “…the meeting  was a regular session of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and that session did not issue any resolution on Tanzania.” 

According to the Ambassador, the