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Selected flower farms are expected to receive a total of Sh8 million ($74,000) aid following a joint project by Civil Society Organisations under Hivos East Africa’s Women@Work Campaign and the Kenya Flower Council (KFC).

According to a statement from KFC, the farmers received food packages and mobile money transfers worth $74,000 in selected flower farms.

“A total of 7,500 workers in the flower sector are set to receive the rations as a relief measure due to disruption of income as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. Hundreds of permanent workers were sent home on paid and unpaid leave during the month of March and April, while seasonal workers have been rendered jobless. Although most flower farms, in recent weeks, have recalled their workers as exports to various markets continue to pick up, many are still at home and unemployed. The flower sub-sector employs over 200, 000 workers employed directly on the …