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Nomanini. The StockNow app connects informal retailers to distributors of global fast moving consumer brands relevant in the general trade market.

FMCGs scaling into emerging markets encounter challenges as, without affordable working capital, many informal retailers go through periods when they cannot pay suppliers to restock their inventory due to a lack of cash flow at the time of delivery. As a result, stock is unexpectedly returned to the depot, leading to high operational costs. 

Nomanini’s StockNow solution helps FMCGs overcome these challenges by providing an end-to-end solution to provide responsible working capital so that informal retailers can stock their shelves in a predictable manner. 

By digitising the supply chain, StockNow enables FMCGs to increase operational efficiency by unlocking trade data and gaining visibility into the sales and preferences of informal retailers. Automating settlements and incentivising e-payments within the value chain also lead to improved efficiencies. …

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