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Locusts (FAO/Giampiero Diana)

Better prepare East Africa: desert locust threat is not over 

By Kawira Mutisya 

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is seeking funding to continue with its fight against desert locusts in Eastern African countries affected by the menace.  

Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Sudan continue facing a threat from the desert locusts.  According to a statement from FAO, action to control unprecedented desert locust infestations in the Horn of Africa last year has succeeded in protecting crops and livelihoods. The UN agency is now seeking $38 million funding to sustain operations against new incursions and continue work in these countries.   

FAO says that this is urgent because without this support, the 28 aircraft that patrol the skies to spot and spray swarms could be grounded as early as March. 

In the latest desert locust invasion update by FAO, swarms continue to invade the Horn of

Locusts (FAO/Giampiero Diana)

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have warned that the current desert locust swarms infestation could spill over into more countries in East Africa.

Currently, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are dealing with desert locust swarms of “unprecedented size and destructive potential” that FAO warns could spill over into more countries in East Africa.

The locusts’ outbreak is therefore impacting the region’s food insecurity as they are destroying hundreds of thousands of acres of crops in their way.

The UN agency urged for a collective campaign to deal with the crisis, concerned over the risk that the swarms spill over into more countries in East Africa, “if efforts to deal with the voracious pest are not scaled up across the region”.

FAO says that the unusual climate conditions have favoured rapid locust reproduction.

An analysis from FAO outlines the current situation of the manifestation of the locusts in specific countries in East …