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The Aga Khan Hospital Dar es Salaam (AKH,D) performed its first Cochlear Implant Surgery on 24th January 2022. Young Danial, a 3-year-old boy has not heard sound all of his life. This procedure is a life-changing opportunity for the young boy and his parents.

A cochlear implant is an electronic device that enables individuals with profound hearing loss to hear through direct stimulation of the hearing nerve. As of now, hearing is the only sense that can be ‘restored’ in this way. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 430 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, a number that is predicted to grow exponentially over time.

Hearing loss has a variety of causes, some can be prevented, and others can be treated. The severity of hearing loss also differs from one person to another.

Hearing loss in children results in delayed development of speech and language. …

The Exchange

The health sector in Tanzania holds a very crucial position in the welfare of the fast-growing economy in East Africa, but also, it requires robust improvements to serve millions of people seamlessly.

That is why, the 2019 Health Supply Chain Summit, taking place in commercial pulse—Dar es Salaam (from 15th to 17th of October), casts to the front, important discussions pertaining health sector’s essential development, including, creation of a health data system for effective control and supply of medicine and medical equipment over space and time.

The Tanzania Health Supply Chain Summit (THSCS) provides an opportunity for various supply chain key players to convene and share lessons learned, successes, challenges and best practices to improve health commodities supply chains in Tanzania.

The summit serves as a platform to positively influence practices and behaviors among government supply chain actors and stakeholders.

In that context, Tanzania’s Ministry of Health, expressed …