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Retirement Benefits Authority Chief Executive Officer, Mr Nzomo Mutuku - The Exchange

Kenya has been appointed to chair the interim Africa Pension Supervisors Forum.

The newly created Africa Pension Supervisors Forum will be deputised by Nigeria alongside South Africa, Rwanda and Zambia as executive members.

According to a statement from the Retirement Benefits Authority, its CEO Mr Nzomo Mutuku shall chair the Interim Executive Committee of the Africa Pension Supervisors Forum encompassing CEOs of Pension Supervisors across member African countries.

Mr Mutuku was nominated by his colleagues from participating African countries who were attending the inaugural Africa Pension Supervisors Forum hosted by Kenya’s Retirement Benefits Authority at Nairobi’s Radisson Blu hotel on Monday and Tuesday this week (September 16-17 2109).

“The interim team will run for two years from January 2019 to December 2021- when the interim committee hands over to a new committee that shall be elected. The committee will come up with a legal framework on how the secretariat …