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The Aga Khan University is transforming leadership across the globe, thanks to a move by the institution to partner with Harvard University in a bid to provide quality training in this field.

The course offered at the Graduate School of Media and Communications at the Aga Khan University (AKU GSMC) is carefully designed to perfectly match the current era of accelerating change in the dynamics of leadership and authority, globally.

According to Vice Provost and Interim Dean at the GSMC Alex O. Awiti , organizational strategies today will be obsolete — if not selfdefeating — tomorrow.

“Success requires agile leadership and visionary communication. That is why the AKU GSMC is proud to offer a seminal opportunity to sharpen two of the most vital skills – leadership and communication – demanded by these challenging times.” He said.

According to the dean, transforming Leadership for 21st Century Africa comprises two world …