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Kenya's president Ruto
  • President Ruto ran for office partly on a Beijing-skeptic platform in response to claims of Chinese predatory lending to African nations
  • The Kenyan President assured American businesses that his administration would create a favourable business climate to encourage foreign direct investment
  • Moderna will soon start producing vaccines in Kenya, joining other major American corporations in the East African superpower, like General Electric, Meta, Google, and Microsoft
  • He obtained pledges in waste-to-energy solutions, space technology, carbon trading systems and markets.

When Kenya president William Ruto and other African heads of state arrived in Washington, DC, last week for President Biden’s US-Africa Leaders’ Summit, It was Kenya’s chance to rebuild strategic ties with the west.

Along with meetings with companies like Google, Visa and the Rockefeller Foundation in the private sector, as well as general conversations on political relations, security, and economic development, the president of Kenya also made a speech about