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ZERO Malaria- WHO

Two years ago, Kenya’s Ministry of Health launched the malaria vaccine in Ndhiwa, Homabay County, one of the eight counties in western Kenya with the heaviest burden of malaria nationwide.

At that time, other African countries including Ghana and Malawi also launched the malaria vaccine in childhood vaccination in selected areas of high malaria transmission in 2019.
Malawi was the first to do so in April, followed by Ghana, and then by Kenya in 2019.
Malaria vaccine has now become the first to achieve WHO-specified 75 per cent efficacy goal.
According to a recent update on the vaccine by the World Health Organisation, high-level vaccine efficacy of 77% in African children achieve WHO-specified efficacy goal of 75%.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that malaria causes over 400,000 deaths each year globally and progress in reducing malaria mortality has stalled in recent years. Most deaths are amongst children in Africa …