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Malaria vaccine - Government of Kenya

Tuberculosis and Malaria have been a thorn in the flesh of the country’s health sector.

This is why Amref Health Africa in Kenya has signed a Global Fund Tuberculosis and Malaria grant of Ksh 7.6 billion ($70,416,010).

The fund will be split into two portions: towards control of TB a total of (KES 5.6 billion) ($51,875,868) has been set aside, and to control Malaria (KES 1.8 billion) ($16,674,386) has been earmarked.

According to information from Amref, this is a 3-year project that is set to be implemented between the year 2021 and 2024 with the help of implementing partners.

Kenya’s ministry of health says that TB remains a global and national public health concern. Globally, 104 million people are infected with TB of which nearly 1.5 million die each year. In Kenya, TB is the fifth leading cause of death. In 2019, Kenya reported and treated 86,504 cases of TB …

Maria Mukamana, 35, lives in Rugenge village Rusororo sector which is surrounded by miles of swamps and marshlands where she wakes up every morning to do a day’s labour in the rice fields.

She earns less than $1 (Rwf700) a day and spends it all on food for her children with not a penny to save by the end of month.

As a family living in the wetlands — a mosquito breeding ground —at least once in two months one of her family members gets infected with malaria.

The single mother of two children is among the 10million Rwandans who are covered by the Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) commonly known in Rwanda as mutuelle de sante.

Under the CBHI program Maria can get 90% health care insurance which covers treatment and medication in case she and her children fall sick but this doe snot cover her needs like food…