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It is the end of an era for WPP Scangroup Plc founder and Chief Executive Officer Bharat Thakrar, 69, who just tendered his resignation as CEO and board member.

His resignation came just a month after he was suspended by the company together with the Chief financial officer Satyabrata Das over alleged gross misconduct.

Thakrar also resigned as director of the company’s subsidiaries and affiliates.

In a statement on Wednesday, the board said the investigation into the allegations of gross misconduct and possible offenses against the two executives will continue despite the resignation.

The board has delegated the authority to an interim Chief Operating Officer, Alec Graham.

“This is to ensure the continued management of the company, with the support of the Board and the senior executives of the subsidiaries,” it said.

WPP-Scangroup is a subsidiary of WPP and is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

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