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Tracking and management of COVID-19 and other epidemic-prone diseases in West and East Africa has been made easier.

This follows the upcoming launch of the first ever daily public COVID dashboard for countries in the Horn of Africa next month.

The cross-border data collaboration project involving 23 African countries above the Equator is a USAID-funded Regional Action Through Data (RAD) programme, which is tackling COVID-19 in West and East Africa through two initiatives.

The initiatives involve the sharing of real-time regional disease data online and tech-enabled cross-border immunisations.

These initiatives are enabling governments to better collaborate to protect their roving pastoral populations from epidemics and to overcome the data issues of the Ebola era.

Monthly graphs

According to a press statement that was sent to newsrooms early this week, the tracker shows monthly graphs currently , but soon new daily regional information will be available as well. The dashboard allows …