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  • The event welcomed more than 2,000 delegates attending from 75 countries around the world.
  • Over 600 early-stage Angel and VC investors connected at the annual summit to take stock of the industry’s progress and to chart the way forward.
  • Improving investor support and access to capital for women was also high on the agenda.

The 8th edition of the African Early Stage Summit (#AESIS2021) ( held on three consecutive days of November 3rd, 4th, and 5th in collaboration with VC4A ( and ABAN ( saw investors and business people meet online in an event hosted in 13 cities around the world.

This was the largest event to be held of this nature around the world with over 2000 delegates gracing the event from 75 countries around the world.

In addition over 600 early-stage Angel and VC investors connected at the annual summit to take …

Technology is changing the way people live and in Africa, innovators are living on the edge to create solutions for everyday problems and challenges. 

As the Silicon Savannah, Kenya has stood out not only because of its innovations but also due to the attraction that it has become to investors. 

In early October, Kenya was ranked alongside Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Brazil and Israel as a country that is an innovation hotspot attracting entrepreneurs and start-ups from around the globe. 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has featured these five countries based on how each government has developed policies to support the tech ecosystem within their jurisdiction. 

For perspective, the start-up scene on the continent has been progressively dynamic over the years where the total investment in start-ups in Africa crossed the US$2 billion mark in 2019. 

Africa is witnessing a growing population which is increasingly adopting the use of