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The impact of Covid-19 on Africa as a continent has been underestimated, a new report has revealed.

According to a research that was conducted by the Partnership for Evidence-Based Response to COVID-19 (PERC), burdens experienced by people in African Union Member States remain grave.

While carrying out the research, 81% of survey respondents reported challenges in accessing food, 77% reported experiencing income loss and 42% reported missing medical visits since the start of the pandemic.

The report calls for targeted public health measures for high-risk populations, increased surveillance in light of new variants, and scaled-up vaccine supply from the global community to control the pandemic in Africa.

While the fight against the new Covid-19 variants and the roll out of vaccines has remained low in Africa, Dr. John Nkengasong, Director of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has said that it will be crucial for African Union Member …