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There is need for Tanzania to involve the private sector to help it fight against illegal fishing if the country is to curb the devastating economic sabotage.

The country is now grappling with illegal fishing, but with the ever depleting amount fish in Lake Victoria and other inland water masses as well, it seems to be a losing battle this far.

The already trouble sector, contributing an average of 2.2 per cent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is taking more hits from illegal fishing. (

So bad is the crisis that last month, while addressing the nation from the Lake City of Mwanza, the country’s President John Magufuli made a public appeal in to end the detrimental practice.

The president described illegal fishing as economic sabotage and warned that the nation is losing a vital natural resource, a key economic activity that provides daily livelihood for many …


Tanzania has set regional precedence by establishing an Atomic Energy Commission and gone ahead to start construction of a state of the art laboratory designed manage use of radioactive materials.

In Sub-Sahara Africa, the country is only second to South Africa in this frontier and has already begun the first phase of construction works. Valued at 2.5bn/- the first phase of the lab construction begun last year and is designed to meet global operation and calibration standards in atomic energy and nuclear.

It may come as a surprise to you as it did to me to learn of this rather unsettling development; a third world country building an atomic management laboratory to rival world standards. Well, that is the case until you learn that this third world country is also gearing to start mining uranium.

This explanation is plausible, as we have been predisposed to this reality by Hollywood blockbuster …


There is need to regulate the wage amount paid to labourers in Tanzania particularly in the construction industry  if the country is to reduce poverty levels and increase professionalism in the sector.

Last month I hired a Dar es Salaam based wage labourer to do some basic construction work for me. As he worked, we ventured into conversation deliberating the working conditions of wage labourers in the country.


‘Richie’ the only name he was willing to offer me, said his regular day starts before dawn.


“I have to wake up before the sun comes up,” he chuckles but maintains a somber look.


“You know, I live in the slums, so I have to get two buses to get to the site,” he continues after a moment of lamentation.  According to Richie, as a wage labourer, his job is never guaranteed, as he put it; “at the site, …

coffee wars

Coffee production in South America is on a sharp increase and the resulting market flood is severely hurting East African coffee growers.

As supply increases, the market price is steadily falling. For trading blocs like the East African Community (EAC) where coffee is traditionally among the leading export commodities, the lower market prices spell a gloomy period up ahead.

In fact, for most of the East African countries, coffee accounts for 76 percent of the value of all agricultural exports put together. So losing the coffee market is a severe blow to economic development in East Africa and across the continent too.

Sector pundits say South America is using improved hybrids that are growing fast, producing better yields and they also have better after harvest storage and transportation facilities which are important to maintain the quality of the grain.

For example, statistics show that Brazil is now the world’s leading …

Fear for poor prices as US wheat is ready to access Kenya

Kenya is pursuing a new trade deal with the United States, a deal that was announced earlier in February during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s visit to Washington DC. To set the stage for the new deal, US department of agriculture USDA has announced that Kenya will start receiving wheat from Idaho, Oregon and Washington states after the states addressed plan health concerns.

Kenya has lifted the trade barrier to allow U.S. wheat growers in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) access to Kenya’s wheat market for the first time in over a decade after the U.S.- Kenya Trade and Investment Working Group adopted a phytosanitary protocol.

Effective immediately, U.S. wheat may now be shipped to Kenya, regardless of the state of origin or port of export, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced.  For the last 12 years, USDA’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has worked closely with Kenyan officials to address plant …

Trump's Prosper initiative gets to the grassroots as US engages Kenyan counties

The US government in Kenya is working to counter the growing influence of China locally and regionally by developing grassroots-based initiatives that will spur US business investments and address slow growth rates in rural areas.

The initiative is in line with a bigger agenda by the US government to instill dominance in key global locations mainly in Asia, Africa and Latin America where China has made significant inroads in socio-political and economic development.

The US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter announced that his government through Prosper initiative that was announced by US President Donald Trump last year will work with 8 pilot counties dubbed ‘Prosper Counties’ to spur growth. These counties selected on the basis of high economic potential, effective governance practices, and a commitment in creating an enabling environment for business growth.

“We’re going to put forth projects that have meaning to Kenyans. Our shared goal is to pave …

Kenyan government’s move  to introduce new currency has brought ripple effects, in the neighbouring countries.

On June, 7th 2019, the Tanzanian government suspended the conversion as well as the extradition of Kenyan bank notes in a bid to combat counterfeited money.

“CBK has suspended currency conversion and repatriation of all Kenyan currency to restrict illicit financial flows and counterfeits into the Republic of Kenya, and will not accept Kenyan currency with immediate effect,” read the official statement.

The Bank of Tanzania also received a directive to immediately freeze the Currency Collection Account of the CBK even as the government amplifies efforts to stop illicit financial flows (IFF) in the country.

Factors that prompted demonetisation

The increase in cases of money laundering and other forms of corruption in the recent times countrywide has reached an alarming level. It therefore came as a great relief when the CBK issued new currency …

A map showing the disputed maritime border Kenya and Somalia. The Oil wealth could be pitting Somalia and Kenya against each other

While Kenya’s foreign affairs minister, Monica Juma, said she wasn’t aware of the incident, President Farmaajo on Friday avoided Nairobi for a connection flight to South Africa for Cyril Ramaphosa’s swearing-in ceremony.…