30yr-old passively earns $114,000/month. How you can do the same?

By The Exchange Team

Charlie Chang, a 2014 graduate, began posting personal finance videos on YouTube.

It wasn't profitable until the 2020 pandemic, when one topic struck a chord: stimulus and relief efforts and how they affected people's wallets.

When his videos got big, he registered for YouTube Adsense to monetize. Then he started earning passive money. His  2021 revenue was $1.5 million.

4 Low-cost Businesses.

1. Affiliate marketing : Affiliate marketing involves promoting a brand's products or services on your blog, social media, or website for a commission.

2. YouTube Adsense : More than half of Adsense money goes to the creator, and also older videos produce passive income.

3. Digital products : Identify what you can teach. Like Copywriting, productivity or management if you have leadership talents.

4. Start an Educational Blog : Once traffic builds, successful blogs can make money via advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.