40 million People are unsure if student loan payments will restart.

By The Exchange Team

People aren't sure if they'll have enough money for their health-care expenses and, due to inflation, their increased grocery price next month.

That's because , they don't know if their student loan bill is due, like tens of millions of Americans.

The coronavirus outbreak in March 2020 halted most federal student loan payments. Trump and Biden both prolonged the break.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Biden would decide before the end of the month to stop student loan payments.

Before then, the president has also stated that he will announce how, if at all, he intends to proceed with student loan forgiveness.

He has stated his support for a $10,000 loan cancellation for all borrowers, but he is under enormous pressure to provide further relief.

Mark Kantrowitz, a higher ed expert, said resuming federal payments without more communication to servicers and borrowers would be bad in September.