6 in 10 Americans want to be a billionaire one day, Study Finds.

By The Exchange Team

Be like Mike ... Bloomberg, that is. Today, many Americans appear to aspire to this.

44% of U.S. adults believe they can become billionaires through speculative investments like cryptocurrencies.

Freddie Rappina, owner of Opta Financial in Tampa, Florida, says, “It’s not just investing in an IRA [individual retirement account].”

“People desire a higher wealth position, and the way to get that is to invest,” Rappina said. Income makes you rich, not investments.

At the same time, most Americans have an indifferent attitude toward great riches.

6/10 adults want to be billionaires. 40% dislike billionaires. Many felt billionaires should improve society but aren't doing enough.

66% of adults consider income disparity as a serious national concern, and 47% feel wealth accumulation should be limited.