1. International ShakeOut Day is typically observed on the third Thursday of October each year. It may vary slightly depending on the specific region or country.

2. The primary purpose of ShakeOut Day is to promote earthquake preparedness and encourage people to practice how to "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" in the event of an earthquake.

3. The event was first organized in Southern California in 2008 by the Southern California Earthquake Center. It has since grown to become a global initiative.

4. Global Participation: ShakeOut has expanded beyond California and the United States to become an international event. Millions of people across the world participate in earthquake drills on this day.

5. Participants are encouraged to take part in earthquake drills and exercises, simulating what they should do during an earthquake. This includes dropping to the ground, taking cover under sturdy furniture, and holding on until the shaking stops.

6. ShakeOut Day also provides an opportunity for educational activities, with resources and information about earthquake preparedness made available to the public.

7. Many governments, emergency management agencies, and non-profit organizations are actively involved in organizing and promoting ShakeOut Day events.

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