72% Recent homebuyers had regrets. How you can Prevent them?

By The Exchange Team

As the U.S. property market cools, 72% of respondents to a recent survey by Clever Real Estate regret their home purchases.

The most common cause of buyer's remorse: Thirty percent of respondents admitted to overpaying.

30% of homebuyers regret speeding the process, and 26% regret buying too hastily.

Without a home inspection, you may regret expensive discoveries like home damage. 

1. Demand a home inspection.

A seller concession is a contribution made by the seller to help clinch the deal.

2. Request seller concessions.

The real estate professional you pick will be responsible for a large portion of the success of your house purchase, so choose wisely.

3. Find a good real estate agent.

Given current market shifts, that professional should have two to three years of experience.