Professions that offer the most signing bonuses: How to bargain for one?

By The Exchange Team

Employers are utilising signing bonuses to attract talent, and workers can benefit.

A signing bonus is a financial incentive — usually a flat sum of cash — that firms pay to new employees.

5.2% of job listings featured signing bonuses in July, down from 5.5% in December.

1. Nursing: 18.1% of all job listings 2. Driving: 15.1% 3. Dental: 14.7% 4. Veterinary: 13.5%

Top Industries offering signing bonuses

5. Medical technician: 12.6% 6. Physicians and surgeons: 11.4% 7.Childcare: 11.3% 8. Personal care and home health: 11.3%

First, consider what you're leaving on the table at your current job. There can be money you wouldn't have if you stayed at your work.

How to Negotiate?

Or There can be Money that You must repay if you don't meet contractual obligations. Add it up to negotiate a signing bonus with a future employer.