A Voyager customer lost 24 years of savings, totaling $1 million.

By The Exchange Team

Magnolia was the first client to speak during Voyager Digital's five-hour Chapter 11 bankruptcy court this month.

Magnolia said she had $1 million locked on the platform, including $350,000 for her children's college.

She claimed it had taken her 24 years to save and that she had given up time with her children to do so.

Magnolia: "We're paying the ultimate price for their fiscal irresponsibility." They had our faith and money, yet mismanaged the company.

Magnolia wondered why Voyager borrowed money when things were going wrong. She wondered if Stephen Ehrlich was still getting paid and a bonus.

Magnolia is one of Voyager's 3.5 million consumers who are desperate for answers a month after the company ceased trading and filed for bankruptcy.

Voyager, a popular lending platform, once offered double-digit annual returns for storing tokens.