Here are the costs You should Consider before Adopting a Pet.

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, you must be pretty excited. But the rational part of you may be feeling wary, for good reason.

Owning a pet will add additional load to your budget. And For a better experience for you and your pet, you should be prepared for it.

Sandy Weaver, a vet consultant says, "A pet isn't an impulse purchase, It's good to research the Pet breed or mix that is a good fit for you and your family."

Unless you find a stray dog or cat, you're going to spend some money, maybe from a couple hundred bucks to maybe a thousand or more.

The standard adoption fees of The Animal Humane Society, for instance, is between $129 and $767 for dogs and puppies.

And $39 to $317 for cats and kittens. Birds, rabbits and other small mammals may have a cost of $9 to $199.

The initial medical care is often part of the adoption fee. But If it's not then during the 1st year, you'll likely pay $100 to $350 for a dog's veterinary visits.