Amazon is dominating the digital book market

Dohle told the judge at an antitrust trial in federal court in Washington that about half the books sold in the US last year came from publishers

He testified on Thursday that the shift to e-commerce platforms such as Amazon has “leveled the playing field” between the big and small players.

Daniel Petrocelli, referred to a presentation from December 2019 that shows book sales sliding from 25% to 21% since the 2013

He testified that e-commerce platforms level the playing field because they rely on algorithms that decide which books are “discoverable.”

While being questioned, Dohle testified that his company uses data scientists and pays Amazon to improve placement.

The trial, which started Monday, has already elicited testimony from best-selling horror author Stephen King.

King, known for numerous best-sellers such “IT” and “Carrie,” spoke out against consolidation and warned of the impact it could have on the livelihood of authors.