America's colleges must improve customer service.

By The Exchange Team

The U.S. has lost 1 million college students since 2020. Pandemic contributed to decline, but it didn't cause it. Enrollment has fallen over a decade.

These findings should alarm college administrators and anybody concerned about social development and the economy.

College still benefits individuals and society. Today's students don't see the value in these degrees, in part because colleges haven't adapted to their demands.

That's wrong. College officials should prioritise customer service like corporations. Students are our clients.

Historically, colleges catered to "traditional" pupils, who  were mostly high school graduates from white middle and upper-class households.

College students are increasingly diverse. 46% of U.S. college students are minorities. Part-time students account for 20% of older students. Over 1/5 students have children.

Like consumer bases, student bodies change. But Higher education has lagged.