Here are some amazing suggestions on what to do if you're deep in debt.

Americans are carrying a lot of debt. Total household debt increased by $266 billion in the first quarter of 2022, According to the Federal Reserve Bank.

The 1st suggestion for a family is to discuss the monthly budget. Take a hard look at what you owe and to whom.

Consider bankruptcy - Nobody wants to hear that, but bankruptcy exists for people when there’s just no feasible way to climb out of a debt hole.

If you believe you can pay off your debts, if only you just had a little professional help, A Credit Counseling service can be useful .

If you have to choose between making payments, your home and car should come before your credit card debt.

Many credit card companies offer short-term hardship programs that will temporarily lower your interest rate.

While it can take time to receive approval, refinancing can help lower your monthly payments long term.