Best Tips Applicants from College admissions officers.

By The Exchange Team

College application season is approaching, and you may be worried about how to stand out from the crowd. 

It's an annual stressor for students. Admissions officers gave us their best suggestions to alleviate your mind. Here are some general and specific tips.

Be driven by your learning style, interests, and preferences, not prestige, rank, or cost.

1. Consider fit over prestigious.

Make sure you understand college test regulations, including which schools require them for admittance and which give merit-based funding.

2. Mind the test score policies

It's natural to desire to outsmart other applicants. But Try to Be honest and consistent in your applications.

3. Focus on honesty and consistency

Read the app's instructions. Follow it. Managing applications can be demanding, therefore students often neglect details.

4. Follow directions

You want to show yourself in the best light, so applying later early may allow you to submit a more thorough application.

5. Start early