Best universities for financial aid.

By The Exchange Team

College cost is the top deciding factor. Families are worried about the escalating cost of tuition and whether a four-year degree is worth it.

1. Vanderbilt University : Vanderbilt pledges to cover 100% of demonstrable need with grants and work study.

2. Williams College : Williams is excluding loans, campus, and summer employment from financial assistance this autumn.

3. Washington University in St. Louis : Wash U. is one of The priciest schools. But This Missouri institution also meets every financial need.

4. California Institute of Technology : The majority of undergraduate financial help at Caltech comes in the form of need-based grants, which are neither earned nor repaid.

5. Bowdoin College: This modest Maine liberal arts college replaced loans with grants over a decade ago. Nearly half of college students receive grants.

6. Rice University : Students with family incomes below $75,000 are now eligible for grants that cover full tuition, fees, and room and board.