Bitcoin's slowdown may make Warren Buffett happy.

By The Exchange Team

Bitcoin has had a rough year so far, and it is currently slouching toward mediocrity.

After peaking at $69,000 per unit in November 2021, the world's top digital currency has hovered around $20,000 for the past two months.

Holdout investors might sighing with relief. But Those who bought at the high are likely avoiding thinking about their losses.

What about Warren Buffett? What would the world's most famous investor say to individuals considering buying Bitcoin cheaply?

Buffett has been critical of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for years. I'll never purchase crypto, he told CNBC in 2020. He called it "rat poison squared."

The billionaire investor dislikes Bitcoin because he thinks of it as an unproductive asset.

Buffett prefers companies that produce physical goods for their value and cash flow. But cryptocurrencies have no real value, Buffett remarked in 2020.