Citi is the latest company to provide free college as a worker benefit.

By The Exchange Team

In today's job market, tuition assistance is a common incentive for attracting and retaining workers.

Some firms are now going a step further, offering free college programmes to provide even more financial assistance.

Citi has announced fully funded degrees from partner schools, including some top level University, as well as tuition support for bachelor's, graduate, and certificate programs.

The enhanced education benefits program will now be available to about 38K Citi front-line consumer banking workers.

Cameron Hedrick, Citi's chief learning officer, said the goal is to "reduce the economic barrier for our colleagues to obtain a formal certification or degree."

EdAssist has observed a 33% increase in the number of organizations offering no-cost degree programs among its clients in 2022 alone.

Coming out of the pandemic, more organizations are offering opportunities to gain new skills.