Couples agree financial dishonesty can ruin relationships.

By The Exchange Team

Money problems can strain a relationship. The Knot, a wedding planning website, surveyed couples about relationship deal-breakers.

With 43% of respondents, the most unforgivable move is being secretive or dishonest about funds.

That is followed by the inability to share financial responsibilities, and having different views around saving versus spending.

The poll included 1,000 single, engaged, and married persons. Esther Lee, deputy editor of The Knot, says dialogue is vital to ending "financial furtiveness"

"Separate accounts are fine," Lee remarked. "Be transparent, talk about why, and create trust with your relationship."

According to The Knot's survey, roughly 7 in 10 couples address money-related matters at least once a week.

Women can boost their financial confidence by using budgeting and investment applications and talking about money with advisors and peers.