Digital bank N26 opens crypto trading amid weak market.

By The Exchange Team

N26, a European digital bank, launched a crypto trading service in Austria on Thursday.

N26 Crypto will be available to N26's Austrian clients in the coming weeks with 100 tokens including bitcoin and ether.

N26 plans to spread out the feature to other markets in six months and eventually offer 194 coins.

N26's chief product officer told CNBC that the bank's crypto broking tool allows users to "dip their toes"

Users choose a coin and indicate how much to purchase or sell. Once they finish their order, cash is debited from their main account and appears with their token.

Customers can also "drag and drop" funds from their main account into their cryptocurrency portfolio, according to N26.

N26's crypto service lacks custodial wallets, so consumers can't move assets outside the platform.