How habits of super savers can help you develop wealth.

By The Exchange Team

New research demonstrates that "great savers" have strong financial habits beyond expanding their nest eggs.

Most of these workers pay their bills on time (87%) and don't overdraw their checking account (74%), according to a Super Saver Survey.

The analysis was based on a recent poll of 1,120 people ages 18 to 57 with incomes between $35,000 and $500,000.

When asked about retirement "sacrifices." They Found 49% drive an older automobile, 40% don't travel enough, and 39% own a modest home.

Super savers drive old cars, avoid market worries.

They've changed their money mindset. More than half (56%) don't lose sleep over their finances, and 69% don't worry about "keeping up with the Joneses."

Some households may have no fiscal wiggle space to save more for retirement, but others may just need to tweak their consumption.

Small changes in habits can boost savings.

If increasing retirement savings regularly is difficult given your budget, try saving birthday gifts or tax refunds.