How to buy a 'green' investment fund after Biden's climate bill.

By The Exchange Team

President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, which included the largest climate-related funding package in US history.

The measure earmarks $369 billion for climate and energy programmes, including financial incentives for people to enhance energy efficiency.

After Biden signed the bill, consumers poured money into green energy investment funds.

As per Willskytt of Align Impact, investors might start by assessing the asset manager, which serves as a good 'shorthand' for Investors.

Investors can use fund databases to find ESG investments they might like, then examine the asset-management firm's ESG commitment.

For non-do-it-yourself investors, dealing with an ESG-savvy financial advisor may be the best bet.

Advisors, for example, may have access to more extensive screening techniques than a retail investor.