Many Americans Live in Multigenerational House to save more money.

By The Exchange Team

On the whole, multigenerational living is increasing and has been for several years.

As per a study based on census data from 1971 to 2021, the number of families with 2 or more adult generations has quadrupled.

According to this estimates, such households currently account for 18% of the US population.

Student debt and housing costs are the top reasons families are doubling up. Caregiving also affects decision-making.

In 2020, the number of kids living with their parents — dubbed "boomerang kids" — momentarily reached an all-time high.

The pandemic was a short-term rocket, but levels now are still well over 2019 — and it's been climbing for 50 years.

Men and those without a college degree have a higher proportion of young people living with their parents or grandparents.