Matric exam cheating scandal exposed – teachers gave answers on WhatsApp groups

By The Exchange Team

The scandal involved WhatsApp groups where students could pay lecturers up to R1,500 to give answers during exams.

The whistleblower said approximately 370 grade 12 students from three Mpumalanga schools were on the "Road to Varsity" WhatsApp group. 

The whistleblower reported other cheating. Teachers provided answers during bathroom breaks and exam crib notes.

After one teacher submitted answers to the Life Science Paper 2 on a WhatsApp group for teachers, apparently assuming it was a paid cheating group, the department took action.

The department took action when one teacher posted Life Science Paper 2 answers on a WhatsApp group for teachers, reportedly presuming it was a sponsored cheating group.

Umalusi, the South African education and training standards body, warned against cheating in 2021.

“We denounce this illegal practise with scorn. Cheating undermines our national examination system, which the Quality Council must rigorously guard.”